David Birnbaum Rare 1 is a new paradigm rare jewel establishment. The firm specializes in the very rarest diamonds, rubies , emeralds and sapphires. A magnificent array of rare Fancy Color Pink and Blue diamonds are in the David Birnnbaum Rare 1 mix. Aside from offering the very rarest diamonds in the world, the firm maintains specialties in the very rarest rubies, emeralds, sapphires: Natural Unheated Burma and Mozambique Vivid Red pigeons blood rubies, Gubelin-certified Colombian emeralds and Natural Unheated rare kashmir, Burma, Ceylon sapphires. All are part of the extraordinary offerings at David Birnnbaum.

See also David Birnbaum padparadscha, paraiba, spinel, D Color and Fancy Vivid Yellow diamonds, diamond necklaces, bracelets.


David Birnbaum / Rare 1: The Rare and the Extraordinary ®