Select Diamonds

Select Diamonds


size shape color clarity  
228 carat Pear Shape G VS1 Diamond GIA
18 carat Emerald Cut Fancy Intense Blue Flawless ( FL ) Diamond GIA
40 carat Pear Shape D Internally Flawless ( IF ) Diamond GIA
54 carat Radiant Fancy Vivid Yellow VVS1 Diamond GIA
8 carat Cushion Cut Fancy Deep Green Eye Clean Diamond GIA
7 carat Radiant Fancy Pink VS1 Diamond GIA
24 carat Pear Shape D VS2 Diamond GIA
80 carat Pear Shape Fancy Deep Brown Orange VS2 Diamond GIA
22 carat Pear Shape D VVS1 Diamond GIA
40 carat Cushion Cut Fancy Vivid Yellow VS1 Diamond GIA
15 carat Round Brilliant Cut D Internally Flawless ( IF ) Diamond GIA
30 carat Square Emerald Cut H VS1 Diamond GIA
22 carat Radiant /Cushion Cut Fancy Vivid Yellow VVS2 Diamond GIA
5 carat Cushion Cut Fancy Pink VS1 Diamond GIA


re: inquiries on these Select Diamonds

Please email us at noting your key contact date.

Overseas inquiries need-be Petriot Act-friendly, of course.

All our single diamonds are GIA certified natural-natural, and are conflict-free, of course.