The  David Birnbaum  Rare 1  firm also maintains  specialties in the very rarest rubies , emeralds and sapphires.

      2     See also the David Birnbaum  Rare 1  rare  selection of  rare padparadscha,  paraiba, spinel.

The David Birnbaum  Rare 1 firm also offers a magnificent array of rare  Natural Unheated Burma and Mozambique  Vivid Red  pigeons blood  rubies,

See also David Birnbaum Rare 1  rarest  emeralds:  Gubelin-certified finest quality  Colombian emeralds.

See also the David Birnbaum Rare 1 sapphire offerings: Natural unheated kashmir, burma, ceylon, Madagasscar sapphires. All  are in the David Birnbaum Rare 1  offerings array.

See also David Birnbaum  top certified rare  padparadscha,  paraiba,  and spinel.


Aside from offering the rarest diamonds in the world, the David Birnbaum Rare 1 pinnacle rare gem and jewels  firm  maintains specialties, as well, in the very rarest rubies, emeralds and sapphires:

If you are seeking the original source for the rarest Natural Unheated Burma and Mozambique  Vivid Red  pigeons blood  rubies,  Gubelin-certified Colombian emeralds or Natural Unheated rare  kashmir,  Burma, Ceylon sapphires. alll are part of the extraordinary offerings at David Birnnbaum Rare 1.  See also David Birnbaum  rare 1 exotic  gems: rarest padparadscha,  paraiba, spinel.
David Birnbaum’s rare jewel firm represents a unique paradigm. With historic roots as a major international gem-cutting firm, Rare 1’s flagship operation is a unique deluxe Upstairs Private boutique projecting globally.

The most unique David Birnbaum Rare 1  rare jewels combine European gem expertise with American hi-tech know-how; the result is an extraordinary global enterprise and brand.

Unmatched Clarity By Design: The David Birnbaum Rare 1


Every­­ diamond is undoubtedly valuable, yet some simply possess more noteworthy characteristics than others. Despite being inanimate objects, many have found fame through their size or desirability. None have matched the exquisite presentation that David Birnbaum purports through his Rare 1 line of extremely rare jewelry. If any diamond was to truly be identified as the pinnacle of earthly stones, Rare 1 would exemplify that definition.
Choosing Diamonds Wisely

Rare 1 diamonds are the most sought after of all gemstones because they don’t come cheap refined. A David Birnbaum diamond is a significant investment due to impeccable quality, whereas mainstream stones can vary dramatically in quality; it definitely pays to know what you are looking at before you spend your hard earned cash on that special gift for her, or him. You need to consider the carat weight, cut, clarity and color of the diamond as these four attributes affect the value of the diamond.

Unless you live in a tree and have never left it, you will have encountered rocks and stones in your life; millions of them. What most people don’t do is organize them into groups and sub-groups, and this is because most of us would find this completely pointless and dull. Classified much higher than your rudimentary jeweler offerings, Rare 1’s class of diamond remains the most sought after on earth.
Expensive, With Merit
It is an obvious and clear fact that diamonds are extremely expensive to purchase, but have you ever considered why the price is so high for the crème de la crème like Rare 1?

Unlike Leo or Levian, Rare 1 diamonds are much harder to come by due to the rigorous selection process upon their discovery. This, alone, cannot be behind the reason of such higher price tags. Hugh deposits of diamonds were discovered in South Africa over 100 years ago – this removed any issues surrounding physical scarcity. Rare 1 diamonds, however, have the highest clarity in their class, making them much more true to form and among the more distinctive diamonds in their class.
She’s Worth It

Investing in rare and extraordinary diamond jewelry, either as a gift or for yourself, can be seen as perhaps the most vital purchase you’ll ever make. Jewelry can often be expensive, no doubt; you do not want to make a mistake and purchase the first piece you see that you like. Shop around, you may find the equivalent piece elsewhere for cheaper. Rare 1 diamonds have no equivalent, meaning the process of selection, purchase and certifying is much more transparent from the start.

Most men know that women love diamond jewelry. Unfortunately for many, their knowledge of the subject ends there. And this can obviously pose a problem when it comes time to purchase something shiny for woman seen as ‘wife material’. The good news is that you don’t need to be a jewelry expert to make a girl swoon with a necklace or bracelet from Rare 1’s lineup – the delivered goods speak for themselves. Redefining the diamond, one precious stone at a time, is the Rare 1 from David Birnbaum – check locally to see where these are available, because she’s worth it.


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