mid-week post: 7.56ct Oval-cut Gem Brazilian Indicolite Tourmaline


SPOTLIGHT:  Focus Jewel of the Week

Centerstone:  Natural Untreated Brazilian Indicolite Tourmaline
Carat/Cut:  7.56ct Oval-cut
Origin: Brazil
Lab:  AGL Lab-certified
MOHS Hardness:  7-7.5
Price: below $150,000-

Tourmalines come in a wide array of colors and this unique gem is a genre called “indicolite.”  The indigo hues are the reason for the name behind this stone as one can see it is darker than a paraiba with more deep blue tones to it. The blue tones come from the presence of iron in the tourmaline.  Purer blue tones are typically found in smaller carat weights where larger indicolites will have more green hues to them.

This high-quality indicolite also originates from Brazil (like the paraibas) but can also be found in regions such as Mozambique, Madagascar, and Nigeria.

The premium clarity and cut of this indicolite provide for maximum sparkle and brilliance and truly brings out the color of the stone.

Tourmalines are popular gems to be worn in a variety of fine jewelry and this particular stone was set on its side in a micro-pave diamond halo. The size of this stone allows for the ring to be quite impressive even when set horizontally and provides for a unique look to an otherwise classic oval-shape.

If paraibas are out of your price-point, then a good alternative might be the indicolite as they are in the same blue/green family but only missing that neon tint that we see only in paraibas (result of traces of copper). This small but important quality is the reason for the large difference in price of indicolites and paraibas.