mid-week post: 3.59ct Oval-cut Burma Sapphire


SPOTLIGHT:  Focus Jewel of the Week

Centerstone:  Natural Untreated Burma Sapphire
Carat/Cut:  3.59ct Oval-cut
Origin: Burma
Lab:  C. Dunaigre Lab-certified
MOHS Hardness:  8
Price: below $150,000-

This stone is truly the creme de la creme – an untreated, natural Burma sapphire in one of the most popular shapes of this season, the oval. The color of this natural gem is a rich deep blue that would complement any wearer beautifully.

This stone has not been enhanced and radiates a true blue color across the entire gem without any visible bands. The color doesn’t change throughout the stone but maintains a clear vivid hue from end-to-end.

As precious gemstones other than the diamond are increasing in popularity as a choice for engagement rings, the blue Burma leads the pack. It is certainly well-suited for a classic halo platinum setting or for 3-stone settings with various sidestones such as half-moons, pear-shapes, or even hearts.

Sapphires are right below diamonds on the Mohs scale, therefore highly durable and wearable.  At 3.59 carats, this stone is the perfect size for the average woman.