end-week post: 23.96ct Oval-cut Gem Flame Ember Sapphire


SPOTLIGHT:  Focus Jewel of the Week

Centerstone:  Gem Vivid Flame Ember Sapphire
Carat/Cut:  23.96ct
Origin: Ceylon
Lab:  GRS Lab-certified
MOHS Hardness:  8
Price: below $600,000-

The deep burnt orange color of this sapphire mimics that of a dying fire’s glowing embers, thus its name. The sheer size of this sapphire makes it special on its own, but when coupled with the outstanding color, it really is a one of a kind gem.

The perfectly cut cushion shape springs out the brilliant facets of the stone and allows for the color to shine through and bounce off into multiple rays of shine and sparkle.

The stone has been set with 2 trapezes on either side with a halo of melees around the sidestones. The band has also been channel-set with princess-cut diamonds, to provide the ring with an extra fancy touch. Additionally, the thin double-claw prong setting allows for the centerstone to really stand-out.

This magnificent piece is an intense color, unlike any we’ve seen in the sapphire genre. Everyone immediately thinks blues and pinks when it comes to sapphire, but this rare and unusual ember-orange is also a special option for a rare jewels collection.