end-week post: 10ct Emerald-cut Royal Blue Sapphire Ring


SPOTLIGHT:  Focus Jewel of the Week

Centerstone:  Royal Blue Sapphire
Carat/Cut:  10ct Emerald-cut
Origin: Burma
Lab:  AGL Lab-certified
MOHS Hardness:  8
Price: below $600,000-

This is a ring truly fit for royalty. The precise step-cut on this 10ct royal blue sapphire brings out the clear rich blue of the gem and complements the trapezoid sidestones perfectly. The large carat size has been toned down with a humble but classic three-stone setting.

Sapphires come in a wide-range of colors but everyone knows that the blues are the most popular and classic. After Princess Diana (and now Kate Middleton) wore blue sapphire as their engagement ring, the popularity of sapphires rose dramatically.

This ring is versatile and can go from day to night from being a classy power ring during the day to being a statement cocktail ring at night.  Dress it up, dress it down, either way you’d want to add it to your collection!


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