end-week post: 10.84ct Cushion-cut Colombian Emerald


SPOTLIGHT:  Focus Jewel of the Week

Centerstone:  Gem Colombian ‘Minor’ Emerald
Carat/Cut:  10.84ct Cushion-cut
Origin: Colombia
Lab:  SSEF Lab-certified
MOHS Hardness:  7.5-8
Price: below $600,000-

Emeralds are one of the four major precious gems and the birthstone of the month of May. The gemstones are a variety of the mineral beryl and the green color from from trace amounts of chromium.

Colombia is the world’s largest producer of emeralds followed by Zambia. As with all colored stones, color is the most important component of the emerald.  Emeralds range from yellow-green to blue-green to rich deep forest greens. Gems that are in the medium-dark tones are classified as emeralds while the lighter colored stones are commonly classified as green beryl.

The stones are softer than diamonds, rubies and sapphires and are usually heavily included. Therefore, if an emerald has no visible inclusions, it is graded “flawless” in clarity.

Many emeralds are treated with oil to fill-in any surface-reaching cracks to improve clarity. The grading of this type of enhancement is noted in levels by the terms none, minor, moderate, and highly. Again, these categories indicate level of oil-enhancement and not clarity.  An enhanced emerald may very well have a number of visible inclusions.

The stone in this video is classified as “minor” with a vivid true green color and the inclusions are also minimal compared to similar sized stones of this carat weight.  One can wear this solid rock in a ring or even as a statement necklace or bracelet.