mid-week post: 20ct Emerald-cut Exotic Yellow Sapphire


SPOTLIGHT:  Focus Jewel of the Week

Centerstone:  Exotic Gem Yellow Sapphire
Carat/Cut:  20.03ct Emerald-cut
Origin: Ceylon
Lab:  GIA Lab-certified
MOHS Hardness:  8
Price: below $150,000-

Not too many consumers are familiar with yellow sapphires but they’re actually as popular or even more popular as the pink variety. The stone is  a perfect alternative for people searching for a vivid yellow diamond but are on a more limited budget.

The cause of the yellow coloring in a sapphire is from the trace element iron. In general, higher concentrations of iron in the stone will produce a greater saturation leading to a richer color.

This intense true yellow of these gems really light up one’s hand and are easily paired with both white and yellow gold. Celebrities like Jenny McCarthy are also hopping on the yellow sapphire train and getting the sunny gem as engagement rings.

Yellow sapphires come in a wide range of shades from pale yellow to greenish yellow to orange-y yellow to heavily saturated intense yellows. The stone featured here is an intensely vivid yellow, cut brilliantly for some major sparkle. Stones such as these with a bright color and great cut for maximum sparkle are some of the most valuable yellow sapphires you can find.