David Birnbaum / Rare 1 is at the pinnacle of “ultra-high-end” gems and jewels.

The firm maintains that it has no direct competitor for the complete unique “package” which it offers –
quality / value / selection / uniqueness / styling / discretion / service / top-brand

David Birnbaum / Rare 1 is an exclusive prime direct-source for rare and extraordinary gem diamonds, rubies, emeralds and sapphires – primarily 5 – 50+ carats, with one of the world’s great gem and jewel selections.

The firm’s exclusive clientele ranges from young bankers to Heads of State.

David Birnbaum / Rare 1 is known internationally for its “timeless contemporary classic” award-wnning design. Pieces are typically one-of-a-kind and custom-crafted.

The firm is, as well, an international original-source gem cutter and dealer – with a 100+ year “heritage of excellence” backing-up its impeccable global reputation.

David Birnbaum / Rare 1 projects globally from the United States – primarily via Free Trade zones in Geneva, HK, Dubai, Macao and Singapore.




David Birnbaum / Rare 1: At the Pinnacle