$12k – $19k

$12k – $19k



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[These items are typically unique, and subject to prior recent sale and price adjust over time; in the event of prior sale, an impressive replacement/alternative item will be offered.]



  • Purple Tanzanite Ring

    Purple Tanzanite Ring

    IMAGE-4318 Purple Tanzanite Ring Natural Untreated 3.91 carats center oval-cut set in Diamond micro-pavé setting [ GIA Lab ]  …

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  • Blue Sapphire Pendant

    Blue Sapphire Pendant

    IMAGE-3667 Blue Sapphire Pendant PearShape 2+ carat Unheated [ C. Dunaigre Lab ] note: beautiful rich vivid blue color shown:…

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  • Rubelite Tourmaline Ring

    Rubelite Tourmaline Ring

    IMAGE-4333 Rubelite Tourmaline Ring center: 2.83 carats set in Diamond micro-pavé setting    

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  • Yellow Sapphire Ring

    Yellow Sapphire Ring

    IMAGE-4339 Yellow Sapphire Ring Octagonal-cut center: 5.50+ carats [ Lab-certified ] set with two half-moon diamonds    

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  • Colombian Emerald Ring

    Colombian Emerald Ring

    IMAGE-4338 Colombian Emerald Ring 2+ carat Emerald-cut Emerald set with two baguette-cut diamonds [ Lab-certified ]    

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  • Purple Sapphire Pendant

    Purple Sapphire Pendant

    IMAGE-4329 Purple Sapphire Pendant Madagascar origin Cushion-cut center: 2+ carats set in diamond micro-pavé setting    

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